A busy month for consultations

5 October 2016
Daniel Bradley

For most, October signifies German beer festivals or ghosts, ghouls and the incoming cold (not necessarily related!) - but as we pass the autumn equinox the world of planning seems to have some different ideas on what this month is all about. In the upcoming weeks our very own OpusConsult software will be hosting a significant array of consultations for our local government friends across the country. It seems as though planning teams will be extra busy as we approach the end of 2016, so what are some of our clients up to?

October floor

Ipswich enter modifications stage

Ipswich Borough Council will be proposing their modifications to their “Local Plan Core Strategy and Site Allocations DPDs” to the public. Using OpusConsult they will be able to present their suggested changes online in an accessible way, using words, colours and styles rather than the conventional strikethroughs and underlines. This method of working will ensure those with visual impairments, and those using software to help them engage with technology will be just as welcome to comment.

North Herts launch first major consultation

North Hertfordshire District Council have been using OpusConsult since the beginning of the year, and have so far only tested the water of online consultation with two neighbourhood plans. They are now scaling up to a bigger document following successful consultations on the neighbourhood plan docs. As such, they are ready to launch their “Proposed Submission Draft” for their local plan. 

Brentwood charging on with Draft Charging Schedule

OpusConsult is not just used for large local plan documents, and this month Brentwood Borough Council are proving that. They will be taking full advantage of the product they have at their disposal by utilising our software to consult on their “Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule”, as part of their Community Infrastructure Levy.

Already underway

A few more of our clients are already pressing on, with consultations live on our system that will end this month. Cambridge City Council have their "Mitcham’s Corner Development Framework SPD" which will end on the 17th of this month. Conwy County Council recently began consulting on three supplementary planning guidance documents – one of which will end on the 14th. We also have a major modifications consultation from Norfolk running until the end of the month.

It looks like our October will be spent with an extra emphasis on helping local authorities run their planning consultations. How will you be spending yours?

Looking to improve the way you manage planning consultations?  Wanting to make better use of the web for online consultations? Interested in how our system could help you? Why not request a free demo of OpusConsult. Just get in touch!